What is sensitive mouth?

Sensitive mouth is when more than 4-5 teeth suddenly feel sensitive on eating anything hot or cold or sweet. Sensitive mouth is when your teeth look flat and worn off with some surface irregularities and micro pores on your teeth.

Majority of your teeth may be worn off either due to repeated friction between your teeth, erosion or due to aggressive brushing (brushing too hard).
Sensitivity usually occurs when the enamel of your tooth is worn off exposing the inner sensitive layer called dentin. Consuming anything cold/ hot, sweet/ sour can act as stimulus at this point can cause extreme sensitivity in your tooth.

Key facts on dry mouth


Tooth sensitivity is usually a result of dentin exposure


One in eight people suffer from severe teeth sensitivity


Scrubbing lemon on your teeth can worsen teeth sensitivity


Yellow teeth could be a sign for teeth sensitivity in the future

What causes sensitive mouth?

Many of your habits can cause sensitive mouth.

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  • Brushing too hard or aggressively
  • Attrition (wearing of teeth)-
  • Tooth erosion (due to acidic contents in the juices and drinks)
  • Bruxism (grinding of teeth)
  • Teeth clenching
  • Excess consumption of acidic drinks and juices
  • Frequent unsupervised teeth whitening

Medical Conditions

  • Sever acidity (acid reflux/ GERD)
  • Receded gums
  • Chipped or broken tooth
  • After teeth cleaning and polishing treatment
  • Gum infections and natural shrinking of gums


  • Sensitive teeth may run in families due to the quality and hardness of enamel layer.

Key facts on sensitive mouth

Common signs and symptoms

  • Sensitivity pain that resolves after eating hot/cold foods and beverages
  • Cannot hold slightly cold water in your mouth for more than 30 seconds
  • Unpleasant reactions to hot foods and drinks.
  • Extreme sensitivity and discomfort while having acidic/ alcoholic beverages
  • Cold weather sensitivity
  • Pain during brushing or flossing
  • Flat and worn off teeth
  • Yellow teeth
  • Flat and thin enamel layer on your front teeth
  • Flattening of chewing surfaces of teeth that are behind
  • Receded gums and exposed roots of teeth

Consequences / long term impact if not addressed in time

  • Thin enamel layer of teeth
  • Sensitivity can get worse
  • May be more prone to yellow teeth
  • You will not be able to enjoy your favorite food items
  • Cavities can attack your teeth much faster

Prone to which oral diseases

  • Tooth cavities
  • Yellowing of teeth
  • Wasting of teeth

Prone to which overall diseases

  • Tooth cavities
  • Yellowing of teeth
  • Wasting of teeth
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At-home care (Habits)

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  • Use less brushing pressure to brush your teeth.
  • Be gentle and use the right brushing strokes to brush your teeth.
  • Use a toothpaste that contains Anti- sensitivity agents blocking the nerves that carry sensitivity signals.
  • Dilute high concentrated acidic beverages before consumption
  • Limit the intake of aerated (soda) drinks. Preferably use a straw for the same


  • Avoid brushing too hard.
  • Avoid excess consumption of citric juice and alcoholic drinks.
  • Avoid using alcoholic mouthwashes to rinse your teeth
  • Avoid food colouring agents in your food as you could be more prone to teeth staining

Composition of Oral Care products required

  • Toothpaste – Calcium Sodium Phosphosilicate toothpastes that have less abrasive agents.
  • Toothbrush- Ultra soft bristle toothbrush to prevent damage to tooth enamel.
  • Mouthwash- Non alcoholic Sodium fluoride mouthwash to prevent early tooth cavities.
  • Floss – Wax coated dental tape floss
  • Tongue cleaner – U-shaped / silicon tongue cleaner

Recommended Product Kit for Sensitive Mouth

Vantej toothpaste



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senquel admouthwash

Senquel AD


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ultrasoft toothbrush dentaldost

Ultra Soft


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thermoseal floss

Thermoseal floss


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Gubb Silicone Tongue Cleaner

Gubb Silicone


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Birdsong Oil pulling product



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Treatment in the clinic (Hygiene & Corrective Treatments)

  • Fillings for attrited and worn off teeth
  • Laser treatments for sensitive teeth
  • Night guards for teeth grinding and clenching
  • Cap/ Crown placement for severely worn off teeth
  • Fluoride treatments to make your enamel cavity-resistant

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