What is your

Oral Type?

Everybody has a different oral type.

And every different oral type needs a different oral care kit.

whats your oral type - man confused about his oral type

What is Cavity Prone mouth?

What does “cavity prone” mean? This means you are one of those who have decay in their teeth more than others. Usually, when you visit a dentist you always unfortunately they find out that they have a cavity—sometimes even multiple cavities.

lady with cavity prone mouth

What is Dry mouth?

A dry mouth occurs when you don’t have enough saliva to keep your mouth wet. Saliva helps prevent tooth decay and gum diseases by neutralizing acids produced by bacteria, limiting bacterial growth, and washing away food particles.

lady with dry mouth

What is Bleeding mouth?

Your gums look more red than normal, swollen, and puffy. Gums present in the spaces between your teeth appear bulky. This is because your gums are inflamed due to slight irritation from the plaque and calculus buildup on the surfaces of your teeth. This makes the gums sensitive and bleeds even while performing activities like brushing, chewing or even with the slightest touch or pressure.

woman with bleeding mouth hands covering on mouth

What is Sensitive mouth?

Sensitive mouth is when more than 4-5 teeth suddenly feel sensitive on eating anything hot or cold or sweet. Sensitive mouth is when your teeth look flat and worn off with some surface irregularities and micro pores on your teeth.

woman with sensitive mouth

What is Malaligned mouth?

Few teeth in your mouth seem to be out of alignment you have a maligned mouth. Teeth may erupt crooked, seem to appear in front or behind due to lack of space within the jaw. At times teeth do not have sufficient space to erupt in a proper alignment.

Man with malaligned mouth -

What is Prosthetic mouth?

Looks like your mouth has lost certain elements from your mouth and have been replaced with prothesis to restore the normal chewing functions.

woman with prosthetic mouth

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