Best Toothpastes For Bad Breath In India


Written by Dr. Aayushi Mehta

Medically reviewed by  Dr. Vidhi Bhanushali Kabade BDS, TCC

Last updated May 6, 2024

In medical terms, bad breath is termed halitosis. Halitosis can be a sign of poor oral hygiene, periodontal disease, or gastro-intestinal disease. It can also be due to foods you take, like garlic or onions; smoking; a high intake of caffeine; and poor digestion. The toothpastes listed below eliminate bad breath and provide fresh breath.

Top 10 toothpaste for bad breath

Close-up Toothpaste

Closeup Toothpaste  India's No. 1 Gel Toothpaste with 3x Freshness upto 12 hrs fresh breath & white teeth

There is no better option than Close-up Ever Fresh Red Hot Gel Toothpaste if you’re seeking a toothpaste that can both strengthen your teeth and add a splash of freshness. The toothpaste is a product geared toward young people and effectively treats nearly all oral health issues.


  • In addition to protecting the teeth from bacteria and tooth decay, this toothpaste can be relied upon to deliver a burst of freshness for up to 12 hours.
  • With consistent use of our Close-Up toothpaste, you can fully forget the issue of bad breath.
  • The deep corners of the mouth are fully cleaned by the active zinc gel, which reaches there. Consequently, you can rely on this toothpaste to give you fully clean, fresh, and healthy oral care.


  • For some people, the scent of freshness may be too overpowering.

Colgate Total Toothpaste

Colgate Total Deep Clean Sensitivity Relief, Cavity Protection, Plaque Removal, Tartar Control, Stain Removal, Bad Breath, Enamel Protection, Gingivitis Prevention Toothpaste (2 x185g) - Pack of 2

The best potential protection for them is provided by this toothpaste, which provides a barrier for bacteria. You can safeguard your entire mouth with this toothpaste for a full twelve hours. It guards your teeth, cheeks, gums, and tongue from all types of illnesses and germs. Furthermore, it can be useful for treating tooth discomfort as well.


  • This toothpaste effectively prevents tooth decay and helps lessen gingivitis.
  • Additionally, you may rely on this toothpaste to minimize the risk of bacterial growth in the mouth for the longest possible time.
  • Finally, this toothpaste offers users the best advantages at a reasonable cost.
  • This product is vegetarian.


  • It could take some time for the teeth to become visibly whiter.

Himalaya Complete Care Toothpaste

Himalaya Complete Care 300g (150g x 2, Pack of 2) Toothpaste | For Healthy Gums & Strong Teeth | With Neem, Miswak & Triphala

One of the top herbal toothpaste brands on the Indian market is Himalaya. The uncommon, antioxidant-rich natural ingredients used to make the toothpaste are combined. These components in this toothpaste not only prevent oral health issues but also strengthen the gums. Since it is natural and free of fluoride, this toothpaste has no negative dental consequences.


  • Himalaya Complete Care Toothpaste aids in the prevention of common oral issues like plaque, tartar, bleeding gums, cavities, toothaches, and other gum issues.
  • It is enhanced with the beneficial ayurvedic ingredients triphala, miswak, and neem.
  • Neem inhibits cavities, Triphala combats plaque buildup, and Miswak shields against gum disease and toothaches.
  • Our toothpaste aids in reducing gum inflammation and bleeding.
  • Our natural compounds’ antioxidant properties guarantee healthier, more elastic gums.
  • Himalaya Complete Care Toothpaste effectively combats bad breath, plaque and cavity formation, and tooth decay while providing you with up to 12 hours of germ protection and persistent fresh breath.
  • One of the greatest natural toothpaste for general dental care is our mild toothpaste. It has a 100% vegetarian composition that effectively cares for teeth and gums.


  • Some people might experience bleeding.

Ayurdent Ayurvedic Herbal Toothpaste

Maharishi Ayurveda Ayurdent Classic Ayurvedic Herbal Toothpaste- All Natural  SLS & Fluoride Free, Antioxidant & Anti Bacterial benefits Whitens & Strengthens Teeth  Helps fight Plaque,Tartar75mL

No harsh chemicals, Triclosan, artificial additives, artificial colours, sweeteners, or hazardous components are present in this SLS and fluoride-free product. It naturally promotes active oral health.


  • It supports healthy gums and white teeth while minimising tooth sensitivity.
  • Additionally strengthening your teeth, this toothpaste also has astringent and anti-microbial effects.
  • This Ayurvedic toothpaste contains herbal oils that function by eradicating oral bacteria and assisting in maintaining excellent dental hygiene.
  • It keeps your mouth healthy and properly cleans your teeth.
  • The nine potent herbs that make up Ayurdent Toothpaste include Shrish Ginger, Meswak, Clove, Pudina, Amla, Harad, Mulethi, and Bihitaki. These organic components improve dental health and encourage sustained freshness of the mouth.


  • Using SLS-free toothpaste could feel a little different because it might not produce foam as much as toothpaste that contains SLS.

Pepsodent Toothpaste

Pepsodent Germi Check Toothpaste for Prevents Cavities, Freshens Breath, White Teeth, Removes Plaque (150g ) - Pack of 2

The Pepsodent Cavity Protection + Germicheck + Anti-Germ Formula Toothpaste is a complete solution that addresses practically all dental health issues, including bad breath, whitening, and cavities.


  • Users can be confident that they will receive the necessary protection against cavity-causing germs for a maximum of 12 hours because of its powerful germ-check composition.
  • This lessens the possibility of developing a variety of additional dental issues.
  • This outstanding toothpaste will also effectively remove tartar, plaque, and stains from your teeth.
  • It is manufactured with a recipe that has undergone clinical testing and can be relied upon to preserve and restore healthy gums without endangering the health of its users.
  • Additionally, it can be used to combat the issue of bad breath.


  • Gives off a noticeable whiteness after some time.

Colgate White Visible with Shine Toothpaste

Colgate Toothpaste Visible White Plus Shine - 100g (Whitening)

In India, Colgate toothpaste is the most highly recommended brand. The exclusive mixture contains microcrystals that gently exfoliate stains for added shine and radiance.


  • You get whiter, glossier teeth with Colgate Visible White Plus in a week.
  • The whitening toothpaste also has anti-cavity properties, enamel protection, and helps remove plaque for whiter and glossier teeth.
  • The calming mint flavour aids in breath freshening.
  • The consistent use of this product can lighten your teeth four shades and aid in the removal of coffee and tea stains.


  • People with sensitive teeth should avoid this product.

Colgate Active Salt Toothpaste

Colgate Active Salt 300g (200g + 100g , Pack of 2) Toothpaste, Daily Germ Protection, Toothpaste with Salt and Mint, Healthy Gums & Teeth, Toothpaste that Fights Germs & Eliminates Bad Breath

The salt microcrystals in Colgate Active Salt toothpaste are powerful. With its special composition, it washes away clinging microorganisms. giving you healthier teeth and gums and avoiding any issues. Colgate Active Salt toothpaste’s special formula boosts the body’s ability to fight off germs and guards against bad breath, gum disease, cavities, plaque buildup, tartar formation, and other issues.


  • Colgate Active Salt toothpaste fights bacteria on your tongue, cheeks, and gums as well as plaque between your teeth, leaving your mouth feeling clean and fresh.
  • Your breath will smell fresher because of the flavour of the toothpaste.
  • One of the most popular and well-known natural ingredients for oral care is salt. It possesses potent antibacterial properties.Since it is known to battle bacteria, it can shield you from a variety of dental issues.
  • It is entirely vegetarian, free of gluten, and paraben-free.
  • Colgate India is the first company in the country to receive TRUE Zero Waste Platinum certification from Green Business Certification Inc. for all four of its manufacturing locations in India because we care about the environment (GBCI).


  • Toothpaste on teeth requires a little more concentration

MamaEarth Natural Toothpaste

Mamaearth Natural Toothpaste For Cleanses Cavity,Plaque Repairing, Orange Flavour, Sls Free, With 750 Ppm Fluoride, 4+ Years, Plant Based, 50Gm

This natural toothpaste from Mamaearth is a well-known brand on the market for effectively cleaning teeth and thwarting any dental issues that can arise. It effectively eliminates problems like plaque, tooth decay, bacterial growth, etc. In the early stages of tooth decay and staining, this product can provide a fair amount of relief.


  • In addition to preventing tooth decay, it gently cleans children’s teeth and has no harmful chemicals or additives.
  • To keep teeth strong and stop decay, it is made with premium components, including xylitol, aloe vera, and stevia.
  • While being gentle on the sensitive gums, it eliminates plaque, inhibits bacterial regrowth, and offers the greatest protection against cavities.
  • Fluoride is a mineral that naturally occurs and is advised by doctors to prevent tooth discoloration and decay.
  • Fluoride, the natural cavity fighter, aids in the restoration of tooth colour and prevents deterioration in its early phases.
  • By preventing bacteria from adhering to the teeth, the xylitol in toothpaste shields teeth from tooth decay.
  • The delicious fruity flavour of oranges piques your child’s interest and helps him or her form an early habit of frequently brushing teeth.


  • Do not swallow or spit out the remaining product after brushing.
  • It does not contain any orange flavor.

Dente91 Toothpaste

Dente91 Cool Mint Toothpaste Sensitivity Relief  Repairs Cavities  Fights Gum Disease  Reduces Bad Breath  Strengthens Enamel  SLS Free  Fluoride Free  Paraben Free  Pack of 3, 3 X 100g

In Dente91 Toothpaste, nanohydroxyapatite effectively remineralizes teeth and relieves hypersensitivity. Lactoferrin, which has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal activities, is an ingredient in Dente 91.


  • With lactoferrin’s antimicrobial action, bacteria and fungi are killed, which is useful against gum disease and lessens foul breath.
  • Dental cavities are decreased, and tooth health is improved by the nanohydroxyapatite in Dente91 toothpaste.
  • Because the toothpaste is free of SLS, fluoride, and parabens, it is perfect for prolonged use.
  • A cool mint flavour has been added to the mixture to add a minty coolness and a quick burst of freshness.


  • It is not an herbal toothpaste.

Parodontax Daily Fluoride Gum Care Toothpaste

Parodontax Daily Fluoride 75g Gum Care Toothpaste For Daily Protection Against Gum Problems, Maintains Oral Hygiene With Strong Teeth And Fresh Breath

Daily fluoride toothpaste like Parodontax aids in preventing gum disease. Clinical studies show that Parodontax toothpaste is 4X more effective at removing plaque, the primary cause of gum disease.


  • It is composed of 67% specialised mineral salts and is designed to physically remove plaque and bacteria buildup from teeth and along the gum line.
  • Your mouth will feel clean and fresh after using this toothpaste because of its distinctive flavour.
  • With Parodontax, you may strengthen your teeth while also taking care of your gums.


  • Children below the age of 10 years should not use this toothpaste.
  • Do not swallow; spit out the remaining toothpaste after brushing.

Now you know the right products for you, but do you know your oral type???

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