Spicta Tasty Cucumber Peach


Remineralises Teeth | Freshens Breath | Strengthens Gums | Prevent Plaque | Powered by N-Ha | Powered by Fitkari (Alum) Extracts | Refreshing Flavours | No Fluoride | No SLS / SLES | No Parabens | No Alcohol | Made Safe Australia Certified | Vegan | Toxin Free

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Spicta Cucumber Mint Toothpaste: Natural, non-toxic & fluoride free, powered by N-Ha. Enhanced with Sodium Bicarbonate, the natural extracts are sure to give a refreshing experience!
Spicta Peach Mint Mouthwash: A natural, alcohol-free, fluoride-free mouthwash, with refreshing flavors for best-in-class oral health. Enhanced with Fitkari (Alum) and Green Tea Leaf extracts for a refreshing experience, without any burning sensation.


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